Creator of Avant Soul Photography & Avant Soul

The Source of Universal Love 

Jafar M. Pierre is a self-taught photographer. His work is characterized as or known as extreme fine art where his vision takes the eye behind the shot. He has the ability to bring out the inner-sense that lives within each of his subjects. “My goal is to show the beauty that is inside through projecting the honesty of the S.O.U.L.

Pierre was born in the culturally phenomenal city of New Orleans. He began creating art as a barber; which allowed him to perfect his craft and turn his skills into a 20-year career as a master artist and salon owner.

He discovered photography in 2006, and began to respect it as an art form. He has successfully married the beauty industry with his artistry. With no formal education, one night with a red light and a point and shoot camera the universe opened and allowed him in. He respects the voice of the universe as it speaks to him through each click of his camera.

His reputation has spread and he’s established a new aesthetic within the genre of Nude photography. As his career develops, he has become the go to creative spirit for each of his clients.

His portfolio includes many of the fascinating elements of New Orleans, and also includes some of the most fascinating figures in pop culture from Jay Z to Lil' Wayne. He has built a relationship with global brands such as Moet Hennessy, Red Bull, NBA Entertainment, Verizon & Apple Music while staying close to home via New Orleans Saints, iHeart Radio, and more.

His works have been featured in Washington DC’s Shine magazine, private showings for Jay Z’s Dusse Cognac, Gambit Weekly’s Keeper of The Flame – A Tribute To Classical Arts, American Heart Association. WGNO TV show – News With A Twist (an ABC affiliate) aired a feature piece on Jafar which showcased his work in a tribute to his amazing talents.

Jafar’s personal work includes a subsidiary entitled “Avant Soul” – a photographic collection that showcases expressions of the soul. His private collection entitled “The J. Blackhol Series” – features works that focus on healing the inner spirit of the female form through which we all arrive. In this process, he believes this is where the acceptance of “becoming one with the self” begins.

He continues to build his legacy of life through photos one shot at a time.